Provisional Dispensations

You may have noticed Rob Beckett (Boord Park) & Aubrey Rikihana (Westbrook Park) observing those players whom team management have requested dispensations for. Its an 'on-going' process throughout the season NOT looking at a player just for a couple of weeks. Every player granted receives a 'provisional' dispensation. This means that a player can be looked at every week if required to watch their abilities. We include and analyse level of experience, physical development, physical fitness, skill development , player safety, team considerations and then summarise with recommendations & conditions.

Club delegates will receive written notification sometime this week regarding player provisional dispensations. It is up to them to pass onto coaches / managers those players recognised with provisional dispensation status. You can assist us by ensuring those with provisional dispensation are clearly seen from the sidelines. An opposition coach can rightfully request if the opposition team has any provisional dispensation players & write in the comments section of the team sheet should they query their status. Equally, it is the prerogative of the dispensation sub-committee to grant provisional dispensation to any player that is assessed using the assessment tool.

Please feel free to speak with Aubrey & myself at the fields should you have any questions.

Rob Beckett
Draws Convener &
Chair, Dispensation Sub-Committee