Rural Day - Saturday 8th June 2019

A big thank you to all those club coaches & managers who will be travelling out of town with their teams to play opposition from Galatea, Reporoa & Rotoiti. A wonderful gesture to our rural clubs and no doubt they will offer abit of their rural hospitality to all those visitors - parents, supporters & players. Good luck to all the teams and trust the weather is kind to us.

Rob Beckett
Draws convener


I take this opportunity to thank those persons who have given their time & effort to referee games on Boord Park and/or Westbrook Park. It can be a thankless job when one is out in the middle doing their best to ensure the game is free-flowing and the players are enjoying themselves without the addition of sideline referees voicing their opinions. Give the person out in the middle a chance. They don't always get it right but they deserve the benefit of the doubt as their view will be much different from those observing from the sideline.

Provisional Dispensations

You may have noticed Rob Beckett (Boord Park) & Aubrey Rikihana (Westbrook Park) observing those players whom team management have requested dispensations for. Its an 'on-going' process throughout the season NOT looking at a player just for a couple of weeks. Every player granted receives a 'provisional' dispensation. This means that a player can be looked at every week if required to watch their abilities.